RadBlock Potassium Iodide


Health Canada  NPN 02248172




RadBlock potassium Iodide is a Health Canada approved 65mg scored tablet coated to mask the bitterness of iodine and to make it palatable to children


Blocks radioactive iodine 131 to the thyroid gland


RadBlock  Potassium Iodide was created to overcome by coating the tablet the reluctance of children to swallow the very bitter ingredients(Iodine) . RadBlock is the only Potassium Iodide on the market that uses this very expensive coating process.  The tablets are 65mg so that a young adolescent can take a single tablet without having to cut the standard 130 mg potassium iodide pill. an adult simply takes two 65 mg tablets


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What is the role of potassium iodide in radiological emergency preparedness?




The purpose of radiological emergency preparedness is to protect people from the effects of radiation exposure after a dirty bomb or accident at a nuclear power plant.  Evacuation is the most effective protective measure in the event of a radiological emergency because it protects the whole body (including the thyroid gland and other organs) from all radionuclides and all exposure pathways.  However, in situations when evacuation is not feasible and in-place sheltering is substituted as an effective protective action, administering potassium iodide is a reasonable, prudent, and inexpensive supplement to evacuation and sheltering.




Potassium iodide is a special kind of protective measure in that it offers very specialized protection.  Potassium iodide protects the thyroid gland against internal uptake of radioiodines that may be released in the unlikely event of nuclear exposure.




What is the benefit of taking potassium iodide during a radiological accident?




When potassium iodide is ingested, it is taken up by the thyroid gland.  In the proper dosage, and taken at the appropriate time, it will effectively saturate the thyroid gland in such a way that inhaled or ingested radioactive iodines will not be accumulated in the thyroid gland.  The risk of thyroid effects is reduced.  Such thyroid effects resulting from radioiodine uptakes due to inhalation or ingestion, or both, could result in acute, chronic, and delayed effects.  Acute effects from high doses include thyroiditis, while chronic and delayed effects include hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer.




Can individual members of the public obtain potassium iodide?




Health Canada has approved potassium iodide as an over-the-counter medication.  As with any medication, individuals should check with their doctor or pharmacist before using it.




What are the recommended dosages of RadBlock potassium iodide?




In Canada, Health Canada, or in the United States, the FDA, is the Federal agency responsible for decisions about appropriate thresholds and dosages for use of potassium iodide.


The thyroid gland will use any iodine that is in a person's bloodstream. It cannot tell the difference between radioactive iodine and non-radioactive iodine (stable iodine). The absorption of radioactive iodine can be prevented by taking KI soon after its release into the air. Because the thyroid rapidly absorbs any iodine in the bloodstream, taking KI will load up the thyroid gland so that there is no space left for the radioactive iodine to be absorbed. The radioactive iodine will harmlessly be excreted in the urine.